Optimal Women’s Health


Optimal Women’s Health

ETERNITY™ is the world’s only natural, American-made Progesterone cream. That’s right. Only the highest quality Progesterone to keep you balanced and thriving! Our solution provides a safe and effective alternative to conventional, synthetic hormone therapies.

Progesterone is the single most important hormone to a woman’s health, as it is the precursor to the creation of both estrogen and testosterone. Many things affect Progesterone levels in women, such as environmental toxins like make-up and beauty products, giving birth, and going through Menopause. At birth, progesterone levels drop sharply from 350-400mg/day to 0mg/day, so it’s no wonder why our beautiful mothers experience postpartum depression. Progesterone is so vital to female health, and Globallee prides themselves on delivering the purest and highest-quality bio-available Progesterone to the market!

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