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At Globallee we believe in a simple motto ...

Your Global Opportunity



Ready to join a winning team? Ready to become a part of the Globallee family? Now is the right time, Globallee is the right place! You can discover unlimited potential by becoming a Globallee Independent Brand Ambassador. Create your own success on your own terms and in your own way. Take back financial freedom with Globallee.


Please note that country specific builder packs for international Independent Brand Ambassadors are available in the enrollment catalog. These may differ from the USA builder packs shown here due to country specific requirements.

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Join our Globallee marketplace. Focused on connecting exceptional natural products with exceptional customers through our unique business model. A global market you can reach anytime, anywhere. Become a part of this exciting marketplace. Join the global movement.



Globallee focuses on successful teams. We ShareUP by finding customers and we Build Up through our teams and team leaders. Our products, our leadership, and our business all empower Independent Brand Ambassadors!



Globallee is at the forefront of natural product creation and innovation. We look for nature's most effective and healthy ingredients from plants, herbs and botanicals. Globallee joins with key industry organizations including the American Botanical Council, the Natural Products Association and the Organic Trade Association.



"Success is no accident. Your positive thoughts and positive actions produce positive results. Put all of your heart and a positive mindset into each and every action, each and every day, and you will find success!"
- Lamia Bettaieb, Dubai UAE

Industry Experts

Mark McKnight

Mark has been creating and manufacturing products for the direct selling industry for twenty-five years. He has worked with retail and health food stores, creating and supplying cutting edge natural products. Mark's passion for great products strengthens Globallee.

Lamia Bettaieb

Lamia's story is one of triumph. She is someone who came from humble beginnings in Tunisia. Through hard work and passion for this industry she found success and now lives the life of her dreams in Dubai UAE. Lamia's passion for building teams guides Globallee.